Bedding For Kids Rooms

Moving into a big bed is a huge leap for your Little One, and decorating their special space should appeal to their individual personality and taste. Your child's bedding is the cornerstone to creating a fun space for them to incorporate play time with sweet dreams.


Ready Made Kids Bedding Sets

City Travel

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Hot Tropics

Size available: Cot,Single, Double, Queen



Size available: Single, 3/4, Double, Queen

Zoom To The Moon

Sorry I'm All SOLD OUT



Size available: Single, 3/4, Double, Queen

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Custom-Made Kids Bedding

Our custom-made kids bedding is manufactured with every client's unique style and theme in mind, and with our vast selection of 100% Cotton children's fabric to choose from, creating that special space is as easy as 1, 2 , 3

Choose from our wide range of fabrics for custom-made bedding for kids rooms.
We manufacture all sizes (Single, 3/4, Double, Queen and King)




Studio Collection specialises in custom made linen for nurseries and kids rooms. We offer a wide range of Cotton fabrics that can be mixed and matched to create any theme.
Our baby bedding and children's bedding is made with only the finest quality Cotton fabrics, and is manufactured with expert craftsmanship by our highly qualified seamstresses. Each item is carefully quality checked to ensure that it meets our, and our client’s, high standard of expectation. 
We have an unmatched selection of quality Cotton fabrics suitable for boys, girls and gender neutral nurseries and kid's rooms. 
Our nursery decor and kids room decor perfectly compliments every linen theme that we create.
Baby bedding and kids bedding from Studio Collection comes with a guarantee of quality, giving our customers peace of mind when it comes to choosing bedding or decor for their nurseries and kids rooms.


The widest range of imported and local Cotton fabrics for nursery and kids rooms

Room Decor for kids rooms to compliment our wide range of fabric selections 

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