Bedding For Babies Rooms

 Studio Collection offers gorgeous bespoke baby linen, soft furnishing  and custom-made curtains for nurseries.

From Classic to Contemporary, every item of baby linen is lovingly made to each client's specifications, ensuring that every product expresses our clients'  unique and individual style and taste.

Coral Baby Bedding and Nursery Decor


 Studio Collection specialises in custom-made baby linen and kids linen.  
We offer a wide range of children's fabrics that can be mixed and matched creating unique and exclusive baby linen designs.  Our bespoke baby linen is manufactured with expert craftsmanship by our in-house seamstresses and each item is carefully quality checked to ensure that it meets our, and our client’s, high standard of expectation.  
We have an unmatched selection of quality children's fabrics suitable for boy, girl and gender neutral nurseries and kid's rooms.