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Planning Your Nursery Layout

 With the excitement of a New Baby on the way, the focus is on creating a beautiful space to bring your new bundle of joy home to.
While there may be dozens, if not hundreds, of gorgeous nursery furniture items to choose from, the best advice is to select your nursery furniture based on size and then on aesthetics, as you will need a few large pieces in a room that may ordinarily be just big enough for a couple of furniture items.

The most important nursery furniture item that every nursery must have is the crib; a changing station; sufficient storage for Baby's vast array of essentials (not to mention the many gifts of clothing and blankets that will be coming your way from family and friends); a comfortable chair for lengthy hours of feeding, burping and bonding; with a small table nearby for easy access of what a feeding mom needs and a small night light :)

If you can fit a bed in the nursery that is an added bonus, as there may be some nights when Baby is niggly and you need to spend a little longer soothing her without disturbing Dad who needs to still get up for work early the next morning. Lying down with a niggly baby often works best especially on chilly winter nights.
If you don't have space for a bed, then invest in a really good, comfortable chair that you and Baby can relax in, and keep a warm shawl or blanket close by.



Baby's cot or crib should not be bear a window, where the chance of drafts can cause baby to become cold during sleeping, or even catch a chill.
Try and buy a crib that can be used for 2 years, as Baby will need this first bed until she is ready for her bed.
A crib that fits comfortably in the nursery is also a factor, so don't choose one of the very large convertible styles that will take up a lot of room, leaving very little space for your other nursery furniture essentials.
Your crib should preferably have an adjustable base to accommodate baby's growth and Mom's easy access for lifting her in and out.

Changing Table/Compactum

As you will spend many hours changing Baby and bathing Baby, your changing station should be large enough to safely hold a change mat plus your everyday toiletry items. A shelf can also be used for those toiletry items that do not fit on the compactum, so the main focus here is the surface area where Baby needs to lie safely on.
The right height would be a little higher than the average table to prevent too much bending over during change times.

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