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Designing Your Dream Nursery

From deciding on a theme, to the finest detail...

When designing your nursery it's important to create a space that is comfortable for both you and your little one. Decide what activities you need the room to accommodate and then plan accordingly. Your little one’s space should ideally include a place to nurse such as a comfy chair, a place to change nappies; cot top changers are a great option, storage options, and of course a place for baby to sleep.

When planning your nursery it’s important to get the basics right first.
To begin, measure your space accurately with a tape measure and use a basic room planner to mock up furniture layouts until you reach a set up that works for you. Remember to consider doors, windows and radiators when planning your space. Make sure doors can open fully and that your cot isn’t directly under a window and in full sunlight, or next to a heater - you don’t want baby getting too hot.



Think about where baby will sleep. Initially you may wish baby to sleep in a Moses Basket in your room, so they are close by, but as you and baby become more settled it will be time to move into the nursery and a cot or cot bed.

Today there are a great variety of styles available, many with matching ranges of furniture. Whether you purchase a cot or cot bed it is important to purchase a new, comfortable, supportive mattress for baby. Ensuring a good fit and the correct level of support is vital for your baby’s welfare. We recommend sprung mattresses as they offer the correct support for baby’s spine as they grow. Mattresses with removable, washable covers are also a good idea for those little mishaps in the night.

From cribs to cots and cot beds, there’s a wide selection of beds for your little one to get that much needed rest. Your choice will be influenced by the decor of your home and most likely by your own desires for your new arrival.A little planning and a lot of love will help you create a warm and inviting nursery for you and baby.
Your choice of crib, cot or cot bed will set the tone for the whole nursery, so consider the style of your home as well as the practicality of the bed itself. 


Once the essentials are chosen you can begin to consider other furniture pieces for the nursery, depending upon the space available and your storage requirements. Purchasing wardrobes and drawers now will provide many years of storage as your little one grows up. A dresser featuring a changing surface will also last many years after your child no longer needs to be changed, unlike a stand alone changer which will soon become redundant. Shelving units and bookcases can hold baskets for baby’s items now and later be used to display your growing child’s toys and books. Under Cot Drawers are a great space saving option, as they don’t take up any additional floor space. Consider the longevity and multi-functionality of furniture pieces before making any investments.

Room Décor

Deciding on you nursery decor is probably the most fun part, and this the final stage of pulling your whole theme together.
Nursery accessories range from lighting in the form of pretty Lamp Shades, to additional storage in the form of our unique Storage Organisers in a range of sizes, and available in all of our fabric designs.
Scatter Cushions are also a great way to bring your theme together and add pops of accent colours.


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