Plush and Knit Toys


Our new range of Knitties and Plushies are the perfect finishing touch to your Baby's room.
No matter what your nursery theme, these adorable little critters will be your Baby's first best friend, from birth til way into childhood.

Lambie Knittie (25cm)

Ellie Knittie (25cm)

Ballet Mouse Knittie (38cm)

Ballet Swan Knittie (38cm)

Bashful Lamb (small)

Dapple Ellie (medium)

Bashful Bunny Beige (large)

Mery Giraffe (medium)

Knitted Penquin (medium)

Fuddle Lamb (large)

Georgie Giraffe

Zoe Zebra (35cm)

Darcy Doggie (35cm)

Reece Rabbit Blue (30cm)

Reece Rabbit Pink (30cm)

Romy Rabbit (40cm)

Flopsy Cream (38cm)

Zoe Musical (30cm)

Lamb Chops (30cm)

Zoe Nunu (30cm)

Darcy Nunu (30cm)

Bam Kippin

Coco Kippin

Billie Kippin Moon

Dash Kippin

Billie Kippin Aqua

Banjo Kippin

Darcy Musical (30cm)
Sophie Trilogy Rattle
Sophie Girafe Teething Set
Sophie My First Christmas
Sophie Textures Rattle




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  i While every effort is made to represent color accurately, every monitor is different and we cannot guarantee the colors you see match the colors of actual fabric.